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We train all your employees in all welding processes

BEFA® shapes you for occupational practice

The responsible handling of sensible substances is obligatory. BEFA® cares for that by offering individual trainings. In addition, we offer trainings and further education in all welding processes in appropriate courses directly on-site. BEFA® is authorized to perform exams under DIN EN ISO 9606-1 (Steel) and DIN EN ISO 9606-2 (Aluminum). All exams will be performed in collaboration with the named site. After having successfully accomplished the exam, you receive the welder test certificate.

BEFA® offers company-specific welder trainings

Our competency: Theoretical and practical know-how in all processes
Your advantage: State-of-the-art trainings and exam preparation

BEFA® welder’s training and further education

Our specialist team will educate you in welding processes

SFI / EWE / IWESpecial welding engineer
SFM / EWS / IWSWelding specialist
GGas welding trainer
WIGTungsten inert gasstealGas welding trainer
WIGTungsten inert gasNEGas welding trainer
MAGMetal-inert-gasstealGas welding trainer
MIGMetal-inert-gasNEGas welding trainer
EManual arc weldingGas welding trainer
VT2, PT2, MT2Certified auditor

Exam monitoring and management under DIN EN ISO 9606-1 / DIN EN ISO 9606-2


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