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Follow the rules for safety

BEFA® reliably service and examines according to the state of the art

Annual Checks of autogenous systems are obligational for good reason. Defective safety devices and plant components can lead to explosions and are a substantial risk for the people working there. But in addition to safety, efficiency is a central aspect. Regular checks prevent inter alia unnoticed pressure and gas loss, which drastically reduce the efficient use of the systems.

You are always on the safe side with BEFA®

Our competence: awareness of all relevant rules
Your advantage: reliable service at exams, maintenances and teachings

BEFA® offers safety reviews you can rely on.

Our competence: long history of experience and comprehensive technical know-how
Your advantage: a maintenance contract with BEFA reliably ensures the adherence of all inspection periods.

Our offer:

  • (dye-) penetrant inspection
  • magnetic particle testing
  • ultrasonic test
  • endoscope testing
  • pipe inspection
  • pressure tank inspection
  • specialist company according § 19I WHG
  • welding machines inspection
  • extinguisher inspection
  • rack inspection

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