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Strong performance around welding technology

We are the experts for your welding systems and devices – Our service. Your safety.

The key to your operational safety

Autogenous technical systems and devices are not only subject to strict and statutory conditions. They also must be continuously checked for human and economic consideration. Blocked or loose fuses, fittings and plant components often lead unnoticed to a loss of pressure or gas. This reduces the performance, adversely affects the efficiency and represents a serious security risk.

Our specialists step on the gas

We support you in minimizing risks. As specialists for autogenous technical systems, we assist and advise numerous companies and service providers on all issues relating to autogenous technology for years. Individual, reliable and comprehensive. Due to our lengthy experience in the field, we know what is important during an inspection and also have a close eye for weak points. Wherever you use autogenous technology we early point out existing problems and help to make your company safer, more effective and more productive.

More than service by the book

Of couse we consider all relevant guidelines during testing. In addition, we relieve you from the administration of all your tests and and inspection periods. We are making your concerns our own.

Our service

Inspection of your systems and devices in conformity to all current statutory regulations and in accordance with the latest state in technology.

Consulting and sale

Your safety

So that your investments pay off
Due to our longstanding practical experience we are able to advise you competently. We are familiar with the market, have good contacts with the industry and are always state-of-the-art. From planning to the complete installation of small systems: We show you the best solution non-proprietary.
We advise

  • Independently from the manufacturer
  • Practice-oriented
  • Competently
  • On-site as desired
We sell autogenous technical devices and systems, e. g.

  • burner
  • accessories
  • more subject-specific parts for welding technology


We dispose over experts with a high expertise

The skilful handling with autogeneous devices increases the performance of your company and helps to optimize the workflow. Therefore we perform inhouse-training at your place. Individual, committed and including the examination itself.

Our offer

  • on-site training
  • preparation for welding exam in all proceeding
  • acceptance of examination according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1 and DIN EN ISO 9606-2
  • acceptance of examination according to GW 350
  • acceptance of examination according to pressure equipment directive
  • acceptance of welding exam by the notified body

Flame straightening

We set it up for you
Special cases are our particular speciality. As recognized experts for manual flame straightening, we can adjust for instance subsequent planning errors. Just contact us! With our specialized know-how we already supported various domestic and international clients. We would be happy to provide our services as well to you!

Our specialty

  • flame straightening
  • seminars to flame straightening

Interested in our offer?

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We are certified

Dekra Siegel ISO 9001:2008Our certified quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 allows you a transparent and objective assessment of our services.

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